Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sweet Squares November 8th-14th

Well that last week went fast! Turkey day is coming up, I can almost smell those mashed potatoes. So here's week 2 of my Sweet Squares. It was a fun doing these, I played around with more color and loosened up a bit. Enjoy!

Nov. 8th - November wouldn't be complete with out putting a moustache on something. Here's a cat for Movember , complete with moustache and top hat. I think he lost his monocle. This one was quickly done in watercolor pencil. I dipped the tip in water so the pencils had a soft feel to them, almost like pastels crayons. Probably the wrong way to use them, but I really liked how this turned out. Don't be surprised if you see something else with a moustache later this month.

Nov. 9th - Here's my attempt at a self portrait cartoon style. It need some work to say the least. Talk about helmet head…

Nov. 10th - After reading runaway bunny I had this vision of a bunny in his den after the carrot harvest. Totally stuffed, he had to take a little nap. He'd sleep in his bed, but it's covered in carrots!

Nov. 11th - Bunny theme continued, this is a pattern idea for a sleeper, or a tee. I colored it digitally in photoshop. Quick, fun, and easy! Will definitely try this method again.

Nov.12th - A study of a polar bear for my christmas cards this year. It might be a little early, but if I don't do it now no one will get their cards until January. Bring on the snow!

Nov.13th - I need a background for my website and twitter accounts. I thought bubbles would tie in nicely with bits n baubles.

Nov. 14th - Another sketch study of a polar bear for the Christmas card. This is the one I'm going with. I'm going to add couple of penguins and color it in. Not sure what medium yet.

Well there you have it! Week 2 of Sweet Squares. Are you doing sweet squares this month or SkADaMo ? Post your link for me, I'd love to see everyone's work!

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