Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Illustration Career Consultation with the fabulous Holli Conger

About 9 months ago I made a decision. I was going to be a children's illustrator. Simple as that, right? OK, wrong. How does one even begin? Well as people often do, I googled it. What comes up? Why, its "Becoming an illustrator" blog by Holli Conger. Perfect. I can do this. But wait…how do I do this? Lucky enough Ms. Conger offers illustration career consultations. 

Sure I tried to go it alone. I got a twitter account and followed illustrators. I got a Facebook business page and tried to get new likes. I bought my domain name and created a website. But how would this get me any work…I mean really? I felt like I was playing pin the tail on the donkey, someone just spinned me around and I was just wandering around blindfolded with my arms out trying to find that darn donkey.

Enter stage right, Holli. With a strategic plan, we were able to get all my ducks in a row. She helped me define a clear marketing strategy, while providing tips on social media, website development, and some insider secrets. It's all done online through emails, which is perfect for me. I have 2 kids and a full time job, so I could work on assignments between all that. After 8 weeks of assignments and a ton of random emails with questions from me, I now have a new website, a relevant portfolio, email promo, and postcards, along with over 200 names to send them out to.

My new website

Postcard I'll be sending out

Holli tailors each consultation to the individual she's working with, so if you're more interested in licensing, she can do that too. I highly recommend her if you need someone to help you in the right illustration direction. 
You can read all about it here.

I certainly understand that the road I'm on is a very long one, but from what everyone keeps telling me that if I stick with it, things will happen eventually. I've also been told that my journey is a magical one, but maybe that's from lack of sleep.

Ok right then, I'll be going back to drawing, and more drawing, working on my portfolio, more drawing, blogging, more drawing...

Oh and most importantly, thank you Holli for heading me in the right direction!


  1. It's always so wonderful to get advice from people who can see your work from a larger perspective. Love your work, and I wish you all the best of luck!

  2. I've been thinking about doing a counselling session with Holli for a while now ... thanks for your review. It looks like an even better idea now! Good luck launching your career. Your postcards and illustrations look great!

  3. I seriously recommend it. She was so helpful!

  4. Great! I'm glad you take it seriously and you had valuable advices from a professional illustrator. So you increase the chance of getting a comission!
    With right informations and professional orientation you will take less time to get what you want - I'm sure of that! ;) -.
    Wish you a beautiful journey. Now let's go back to work ;)

  5. beautiful drawings!!
    I'm not a illustrator but with hard work I'll get there I hope!!
    I have also a twitter account, can you look at my drawings and your comment please if you have time!!


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