Monday, April 22, 2013

Illustration Friday - "Train"


Here's a little sketch for Illustration Friday. I'm working on developing my children so I thought this wasn't half bad. I'm going to work on coloring this one and hopefully get it into my portfolio soon.

"Dragons Are Real"

Over the weekend I fortunately had enough spare time to swing by a local bookstore to catch a book signing "Dragons are Real" by local author Melinda Rabin and Illustrator Franklin O'Neal. I took the kids with me, but I think I enjoyed it more then them. My 5yr old was probably more excited about the cookies and punch. They were great to talk with and you can find out more about them here.

Dragons Are Real
"This first book in the Mad Maggie's Adventures series introduces Mad Maggie and her dragon Richard. They live a carefree life until one day a messenger comes to their little village and declares that dragons aren’t real. They decide to pack their bags and leave their home to go and see the king with the hope he will help them prove the messenger wrong.  Along the way they meet with bad weather and bad manners, but new friends come along and give them courage to continue. This story is about believing in yourself and never giving up even when met with adversity."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Illustration Friday Submission "Wild"

It's been awhile since I submitted anything for Illustration Friday, but here it is. Just a fun little piece of animals gone wild. I don't know why I picked a tiger and a dog...I just felt like drawing them I guess. Anyways it's fun to just draw whatever comes to mind with the IF project and gets my creativity going. I wonder where these two are going...?