Friday, May 31, 2013

Bedtime Book Review: The New Adventures of Mother Goose

Well to get back into things I've decided to review some of my favorite illustrated children's books. I've spent many a night reading these stories to my daughter, over and over again. First up:
The New Adventures of Mother Goose
Created by Bruce Lansky
Illustrated by Stephen Carpenter

So maybe the traditional Mother Goose is a little too scary for your little one? Never fear! The New Adventures of Mother Goose takes those antiquated creepy stories and turns them into gentle rhymes for happy times. My 5 year old loves this one and it's often in the pile of books to read before bed. My favorite rhyme:

There Was an Old Woman
There was an old lady who lived in a shoe,
which wasn’t too bad when the winter winds blew.
But the strong summer sun was too hot to handle,
so she packed up her stuff and moved to a sandal.
                       —Larry Cohen and Steve Zweig
The illustrations by Stephen Carpenter are bright, colorful and engaging. With more than 20 books by this author/illustrator team, The New Adventures of Mother Goose fits right in. Read what the creator, Bruce Lansky has to say here.

So if you're looking for some nursery rhymes a little more friendly than the traditional Mother Goose, this is it!

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